Asset Management

Every organization needs an accurate inventory of all their assets, including location and condition. The challenge is dynamically updating field conditions to ensure you have the most accurate, up-to-date information available for making strategic decisions.


  • Capture the real property inventory conditions that drive maintenance and management actions.
  • Efficiently manage inspections and inventory of critical above and underground assets such as roads, sewers, hydrants, signs, sidewalks, and buildings.
  • Capitalize on your mobile workforce, expanding data creation and web editing capabilities to non-GIS users in both the office and the field.

Location & Condition

Manage assets across the enterprise through a number of collection techniques, including point cloud data capture, analysis, and extraction. Accurately understand the location and the condition of managed assets to drive more effective planning and maintenance.

Data Democratization

Improve information sharing and reuse to curb the inefficiencies, errors, and risks that arise when departments work in data silos. Easily implement coordinated access, data models, and workflows to facilitate sharing across departments.

Reduce Errors, Slash Costs, and Automate

Decrease time spent editing and entering data by enabling individual users – with proper, secure access – to instantly update property information, edit feature layers on a map, query data repositories, and analyze all geospatial information.

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