Who we Are?

Move beyond dots on a map. Geospatial Tanzania helps you tell your story through interactive mapping technology. Make your message clear, exciting, and user-friendly for both mobile and web platforms.


We develop Geo-apps to collect spatial data to support decision making in field working. It will be possible for fieldworkers to increase efficiency in field working at various sector like health, Agriculture and education. Fieldworkers in health sector will use geographic information system for diseases surveillance and monitoring public health resources. Also, we train local traders, NGOs and Companies to use geographic information system (GIS) to decrease costs, increase revenue, and reduce risk in business. Clients will use GIS applications for better understanding marketplace, market, competition, potential risks to their company, customers and suppliers, to improve supply chain and to use geography for better understanding to how to reach to customers.


To empower Individuals and organizations from various sectors to use data for decision making. Also, to promote government sectors to have open-data portals to help local and foreign investors, researchers, Analyst and others who need data to find marketing opportunity, to find the best location for their business and doing scientific researching.

Meet Our Team

Know us

Rahim Kiobya

Co-founder & Executive Officer

Sifuel Kashani Kisoma

Community Health Worker

Deodatus Changala

Marketing Officer